Personal testimonies of the pandemic

Perspective: I Had the Shiniest Wheels, Now They’re Rusting


16-year-old Jenny was a happy, active teenager until her life was turned upside down by her third COVID-19 infection. Here she shares her challenging experiences of Long Covid.

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Perspective: Homeschooling During the Pandemic


A mother reflects on the life-altering decision to homeschool her children.

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Happy children play by a lake

Perspective: Wearing an N95 is Child’s Play


Matt and his family have remained cautious about COVID‐19 and have become used to being outsiders.

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Perspective: I Thought I Was Protected but I Still Got Long Covid


Some commentators believe the so-called hybrid immunity of vaccines and infections protects people. According to them, Salvatore Mattera did everything right. He's realized the hard way that multilayered measures are essential to protect against COVID-19 and Long COVID.

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Perspective: How Long COVID changed my daughter's life


One of the most common tropes of the pandemic is that children aren’t seriously affected by SARS-CoV-2. A mother shares what happened when her infant caught COVID-19.

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