We are in the worst global health crisis of our lifetimes.
So why are we ignoring it?
As governments around the world surrender to COVID-19, people everywhere are told the virus is mild and the air is safe to breathe. 

We think they should know the truth.

We fight against deadly misinformation

We highlight corruption and incompetence

We promote empirical truth over convenient fantasies

Our Core Values


Clear and accessible communication drives understanding and positive change.


Guided by the current body of scientific evidence, wherever it leads.


Kindness and empathy are at the heart of everything we do.


People should know the truth, even if it’s uncomfortable.

Collective responsibility

It will take every one of us working together as a team to solve our crisis.


The solutions we need should ensure equal access for all people, regardless of their situation.


Our vision requires businesses and governments to be part of the solution.


The advancement of understanding through sharing across disciplines.


We recognise the need to put egos aside and accept change.


Motivated by a deep respect for our planet and the people who share it.

Why John Snow?

In 1854, Dr John Snow figured out what nobody else had: the people dying from Cholera were all drinking the same water. 
He managed to convince the authorities to remove the handle from the Broad Street water pump. Sure enough, people stopped dying. It turns out the water was polluted by sewage. His discovery eventually led to clean water in cities all over the world, changing public health forever.

Except soon after the immediate threat had subsided, the authorities decided to replace the pump handle. They had no idea if the water was safe. They ignored the one thing that stopped the spread - not drinking water full of shit. Lessons learned were quickly ignored, and in 1866 the disease spread in the water again, killing thousands.

Sound familiar? Ignoring a deadly disease doesn't end well.
We know how to solve the problem and we already have the tools to do it, but the world has chosen to do nothing. 

Future historians will be perplexed by our willingness to knowingly breathe contaminated air, but one day we will take clean air for granted - just like clean water. 

Our aim is to accelerate that change. 
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