People of all ages are vulnerable to COVID-19 infection, but there is a narrative that only people with underlying conditions or those over 60 really need to worry about the impact of the disease. Vaccines have greatly reduced the risk of death and saved millions of lives. However, there has been an uptick in all cause mortality around the world, in all ages, and particularly in mortality caused by cardiac or vascular/thrombotic events, and there is some evidence to suggest these are linked to waves of COVID-19 infection. 

In addition to mortality, post-acute sequelae, or Long COVID, can affect people of any age. While seemingly rare in children and young people, some studies have suggested prevalence of Long COVID in children is just as high as in adults. Children may have difficulty communicating some of the symptoms associated with Long COVID, which might make ascertainment challenging. Anecdotal accounts leave no doubt children and young people can suffer debilitating symptoms following mild COVID-19 disease.