Long Covid destroys lives.

And it’s more common than you might think.

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Scientists are learning more every day.

It's not good news

It can be deadly

It also causes irreversible damage to organs, weakens the immune system, and makes you more vulnerable.

There is no cure

Scientists are working hard to find a cure, but we may never get one. Preventing infections is key.

Everyone is at risk

Even young and healthy people can get Long Covid. Vaccines can help, but they do not stop Long Covid.

It’s common

Anyone infected with COVID-19 can develop Long Covid. Especially after multiple infections.

Prevention is Simple:

Don't get infected

(and if you have been infected, it's very important to avoid repeated infections)


Not all masks work. Find out the type you need.
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Clean Air

The virus stays in the air like smoke. Let's clean it.
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Improve your chances by keeping away from others.
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Regular testing can help avoid infecting others.
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Although they don't stop Long Covid, they do help.
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None of our defences are perfect on their own, so use them all together.

"Do it all. Do it consistently. Do it well."

Director General, World Health Organisation

What does the latest science tell us?

How common is it really?
Are mild infections really causing brain damage?
How much do vaccines help?

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